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Your Trusted Professional Trainer


Fitness Is a Lifestyle

Neil's Fitness is your partner for reaching your fitness goals. I help people over the age of 16 based in the local area become stronger, lose weight, and become fitter. I am a certified personal trainer.

It is my passion to help my clients build their self-confidence through exercise. I had been overweight myself, and I used to get into unhealthy habits, but I was able to overcome it. Now it’s your turn.



    • Price Packages Competitive



These people are getting results from my training.


Neil has been very helpful getting all Innovations staff motivated by taking us to different sites of Marlborough - walking group - and 

giving us pieces of advice on a healthy diet and proper exercise. Thank you for your help! It really makes me feel motivated.

- Sílvia Mora Marques, 24 April 2019

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